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May 7, - Are you an expert when it comes to differentiating between Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese people??? If you're questioning your Asian abilities. Can You Guess The Asian Face? WWCD? - ProProfs Quiz Mulani. Age: 28. Hello gentleman visiting South of France Reality TV, comedy, anime. Apr 3, - Chinese. B. Japanese. C. Korean. D. Vietnamese. 6. A. Chinese. B. Japanese. C. Korean. D. Vietnamese. 7. A. Chinese. B. Japanese. C. Korean. D. Vietnamese. 8. A. Chinese. B. Japanese. C. Korean. D. Vietnamese. 9. A. Chinese. B. Japanese. C. Korean. D. Vietnamese. A. Chinese. B. Japanese. C. Tatiyana. Age: 27. Hello Guys! Can you tell asians apart? Find Out Here! Then one of my uncles was like "Hey Donald, how's China?" I didn't physically facepalm, but I most certainly did in my mind. I then did a polite, correction segue? "Oh. How's Japan? It's good." People even get the countries confused! Let alone the faces QUIZ TIME! Scroll down and select the answers as best you can. I know for sure that some people are just saying they can see the difference, when they really can't. If a table full of Japanese natives admitted that they struggle to distinguish Asian faces, then that's all the evidence I need. But it's still a lot of fun to try. Let's make this a bit more interesting, shall we? Let's do a bona fide quiz!

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Daytona. Age: 22. i'm an beautiful girl with smooth skin and a very friendly personality. You will enjoy every moment with me. I'm sure that you have some erotic dreams which should come true... Home · Submit My Picture; Fun Facts; The Asian Thing · Top Scores · Track My Picture · Contact Us. Have people ever told you that you look like Jackie Chan, Yao Ming or confused you with another Asian? Have you ever been mistaken for another Asian ethnicity? Asians don't all look the same. Do you think you can. How the hell do you expect people to complete the quiz with the all the ad pop-ups in every time you try to make a selecion? And why force opening a new page after the time runs out? You could just let the user stay on the page. Give us time to do other things, check answers, etc. Pinoy boy (). days ago. Im asian. Dec 11, - Chinese. Next. x. Philippine. Philippine. x. Philippine. Vietnamese. Next. x. Australian. Australian. x. Yugoslavian.


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