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Mar 31, - Here are all the things guys secretly try with their penises. 1. Bend it TO ITS It's not like we decide it's time to do penis stretches whenever we're alone, but we've attempted this once. 3. Flick it. It's pretty Pretty much anything we can do with one hand, we'll use the other hand to hold our penis. 8. Tuck it. Why do guys hold their penis when they pee? | Yahoo Answers Kya. Age: 25. I am Top Model based in Milan, available for Escort Service and as Travel Companion Put all this stuff in your pants and carry it around between your legs for the day. To my understanding a commonly accepted theory on this issue is that men do it because it's their way of asserting the manhood they know they lack to one another. Feb 15, - Ask any grown man why he's holding his penis and he'll say, “Because it's there” as if it's a stuffed animal or a lovey. Penis holding He'll hold it while he's holding it. Experts will tell you that most young boys who are fidgety or energetic need to move as a way to help their brain propel thoughts forward. Anikka. Age: 22. Gorgeous, busty beauty with class Being A Guy Sep 4, - Think about how you like to relax at home. After a hard day's work, maybe you plop on the couch, put on a game, kick up your feet and slide your hands down your pants. That's just what guys do. Many men naturally reach for their junk both in private and in public without batting an eye. This includes. Hi, I'm researching into male sexuality and wondered if anyone knew of any interesting research conducted on why men tend to hold their crotch? Any citations would I don't know where you are from. but around here (Montreal) the only guys I see grabbing their crotch in public are weirdos. I may scratch.

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Josephine. Age: 26. I am 31yrs old 5'2 105lbs long black hair big brown eyes petite little frame May 30, - Submit. · just now. thosewerethedays. Penises rarely point straight ahead. We usually have to direct the urine by aiming our penis, especially standing over a toilet instead of a urinal. Or in my case, it's to keep the little devil from slipping back into my pants (some of us are not so well-endowed as others). Jan 8, - He does it even when he doesn't sleep, it's just because balls are annoying and get on the way and it's comfortable to hold it (? Lol) or it's warm. I don't think it's anything sexual. . They usually say it's because it relaxes them to feel their penis against their hands, apparently it's soothing or something I have no clue patrouilles.info does it mean when you're talking to a guy and then he. So why do you always have to be touching your penis? Is it like a . in psychological body language terms, men are prone to protect our vulnerable spots which include the boys as well as our wallets;p Cause put their hands down their pants and/or hold their balls for the same reason dogs lick their patrouilles.info they can.


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