White discharge and clitoris

White Discharge from Clitoris. I am a 57 year old woman. latley I have had a white discharge coming from my clitoris. No odor, no pain, or inching.. Just had a pap everything fine.. any ideas on what this might be. it is not thick not a lot of it. but it's there almost every day.. Womens Health - Womens. Clitoris problems Tiffany. Age: 25. I am sensual and elegant my name is CORALIE sexy very hot, my presentation is very discreet ( executive level ) Once you have me, together we will lust It doesn't hurt, itch, or sting that I am aware of. and I have also noticed a small white dot the size of a grain of sand on the base of my clitoris once you pull the hood back. I tried to get it off thinking it was a discharge and I patrouilles.info hasnt changed in size or texture or anything..I believe I am starting to lose my mind..I wish I could stop being so OCD about my body and leave. Katrina. Age: 26. I am a sweet endearing and naughty Clitoris problems Feb 2, - I have Clear Discharge from Clitoris with Bad Smell. What does that mean? Similar Questions - What is vaginal discharge, white discharge from vagina, I have an itchy clitoris, how to treat discharge, do I have an STD. patrouilles.info Last week I stopped taking antibiotics for a sinus infection, and ever since ive noticed a swollen clitoris, sometimes painful (not to urinate- just to touch), and whitish buildup around my clitoris, in the hood, and around my labia. the cheesy buildup is.

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Danielle. Age: 24. Oils and lotions Mar 20, - Hi ..I need some advice about an embarrasing problem which i wont go to doctor about - no way! I have a discharge which keeps getting bad then. 6 days ago - Glands on the inner surface of the clitoral hood secrete sebum, an oily substance that lubricates the clitoral glans. When this secretion builds up, it becomes smegma, a thick white discharge with a cottage-cheese appearance or like the person who previously posted described it as "wet toliet paper". Feb 2, - Hi, For along long time I have seen that when I pull back my labia minora by the clitoris, sometimes there is like this white stuff. Its hard to describe, most of the time is before and after my period. I have cleaned and had on paper towel. Its not gooey.


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