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it is not pure poetry and pretty rhymes hollow words empty lines partying women drugs drink do you ever think? think of the girl who loves you true she has given her heart and soul to you you took that love then took a shit on my face just so you could have a taste a taste of fanny tits and sweet arse you asshole your love is a. Best 25+ Guys are jerks ideas on Pinterest | Waiting quotes, Dont be sad quotes and Breakup quotes Mia. Age: 21. Memorable, Invigorating, & Life Affirming A Supermarket in California. You don't hear me. Apr 12, - Everyone Is An Asshole - Image Everyone Is An Asshole - Image 1. Everyone Is An Asshole - Image 4. Everyone Is An Asshole - Image 9. Everyone Is An Asshole - Image 5. Everyone Is An Asshole - Image 8. Illustrated by Nathan Yaffe. Filed Under: assholes · poetry · kids · books · children's books. Text. Maserati. Age: 20. Young and beautiful, ready to quench your desires and fantasies Please turn JavaScript on and reload the page. “Ladies, don't lower yourself to fight over a man or compete with other women for one. It's not classy, immature, and a waste of time. Instead, use that energy and time wisely by achieving goals and being a better you. This way, you attract someone better than a man that doesn't see the jewel that you are. Have standards. Some insightful poetry for ya. my favorite poem tbh. I love the word 'tool' and appropriate use of a profanity. It can be used affectionately I think. The tools and their tools are raping the Living World to death. Male Violence is the worst problem in the world. See More. lying, cheating douchebags guys-are-jerks.

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Taissia. Age: 27. Service : Men Are Assholes Quotes | how many men have I seen treat women this way? some men are such jerks. dog, make women go crazy, man go visit little. naked man on mountain, man give him all his money,. little naked man say go back home, stand on head with. fresh egg in asshole three times a day, man does what. he says, oh yea, man think about troopships, man is so. afraid, man take chill, man get old real quick man. ignorant woe—later dreams of kneeling by R's shocked knees declaring my love of —What sweetness he'd have shown me, tho, that I'd wished him & despaired—first love—a crush—. Later a mortal avalanche, whole mountains of homosexuality, Matterhorns of cock, Grand Canyons of asshole—weight on my.


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