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The body produces pee as a way to get rid of waste and extra water that it doesn't need. Before leaving your body, urine travels through the urinary tract. The urinary tract is a pathway that includes the: kidneys: two bean-shaped organs that filter waste from the blood and produce urine; ureters: two thin tubes that take pee. Your Urinary System Josephine. Age: 30. I'm mature, fun, intelligent, open minded, educated and have a good sense of humor. When a woman is ready to pee, her brain causes the muscles of the bladder to squeeze and the urethral sphincter to relax so that pee can flow out of the body through the urethra! Nowadays, you would probably get a criminal record for it. We are SO close to one another! I can see EVERYTHING!" Check out more awesome videos at. Priya. Age: 22. Classy Companion based in Sandton for the executives Women Don’t Pee Out of Their Vaginas, and Other Little-Known Facts Jul 2, - Chances are you've seen a vagina. 50% of the world's population has one. Still the vagina is like a cave of forgotten dreams. It's a mystery organ with many secrets, worthy of a Werner Herzog voice over. Think about it. How much do you really know about the vagina you've been sticking your penis into? It is very common to wonder "Where does a girl pee from?" After all, the male anatomy makes it obvious where this bodily product leaves the body, but for women, it is a bit more discrete. The internal structure of the urinary tract is very similar for men and women, meaning you only have to know a few basics to understand.

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August. Age: 19. As well as being able to make you smile, i will give you the most sensual and erotic date of your life. It's above the vagina (and below the clitoris) so, yeah, when women pee the pee does trickle around the area within the labia including the opening to the vagina. The pee Maybe we'd benefit from substituting the world vulva for vagina when describing girls' parts, especially when we talk to our kids about this stuff. Though. Mother: Mainly their sex organs. A boy has a penis and a girl has a clitoris. Boy: What's a clitoris? Mother: It's a tiny sensitive organ on a girl's body about where a penis is on a boy's body. It feels good to touch, like your penis. Boy: Do girls pee through their clitorises? Mother: No. Boy: What's it for? Mother: For making love. Feb 11, - If my boyfriend can't figure out that girls don't pee out of their vaginas even with a sister, a mom, and three relationships with girls, then I can definitely believe you're not joking. (Then again he can be forgetful in the weirdest ways, which always keeps life interesting.:P). Three holes, in order from front to back of a person with  Do hermaphrodites urinate through both male and female organs.


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