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Jul 26, - the movie that inspired countless copycats and still remains a benchmark of the smutty subgenre, as hilarious and risque as ever. It concerns a group of Florida teens hellbent on losing their virginity, who visit the titular establishment hoping a prostitute can help them out. Instead, the redneck owners of the. Watch How To Lose Your Virginity Online | Vimeo On Demand on Vimeo Jay. Age: 24. *exclusive Don't treat the girl you're losing it to like a porn star Oct 17, - Shailene Woodley, who once again loses her virginity in Gregg Araki's latest film, White Bird in a Blizzard, recently confessed that it's her awkwardness that lends an air of authenticity to those performances. (I don't remember anything awkward about the way she handles Sutter Keely in The Spectacular. Joey. Age: 28. I've been told I'm 8ft tall when I walked into a room but in reality I'm fun size! Very confident and super spunky personality Category:Films about virginity Apr 9, - Some of the best kinds of coming-of-age movies out there are the ones that involve the virginity plot. The virginity plot is when a movie is about a character who is still a virgin, and is either desperately trying to lose his/her virginity, or is terrified of doing so. Either way, it's something almost all of us can relate. Scene from The 40 Year Old Virgin Music from Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time.

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Linsey. Age: 25. Open to new things Documentary · It has launched both purity balls and porn franchises, defines a young woman's morality-but has no medical definition. Enter the magical world of virginity, where a white wedding dress can See full summary». How To Lose Your Virginity. An eye-opening and irreverent documentary journey through religion, history, pop culture and $30 internet hymens. By turns hilarious and horrifying, the film reveals the myths and misogyny behind virginity in America, and what we can do to change the conversation. A film by Therese Shechter. This category is intended to contain films about virginity and/or the loss of virginity. Only films that have virginity as an important plot element belong, but not instances where it may only be incidental. (i.e.; films that have characters who are suspected, suggested, or confirmed to be virgins such as Dragnet, It, Hitman and.


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