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May 3, - Want to feel more intense orgasms? These 7 tips will take you there. Reach Climax In No Time - AskMen Louise. Age: 24. I'm Valentina, a passionate, vivacious young Top-Class gereous lady whit a playful, My wife has been doing this for quite some time to me and WOW what an experience. And, the whole process, is a little more straightforward than for a woman. Feb 17, - Although many guys have the problem of premature ejaculation rather than the opposite, there are plenty of men who constantly end up feeling as though sex were more like a chore rather than an exciting and fulfilling aspect of enjoyment. Readers worldwide write in to complain that they simply cannot. Step. Age: 22. Incall All About Male Orgasm: Tips how to give a man an orgasm Feb 4, - You already know you're awesome in bed but what if we told you that with a few saucy tricks, you can introduce your man to levels of bliss he's never felt before? If you're ready to deliver the most toe-curling climax he's ever had, follow these tips. Sep 3, - “Recent medical studies have shown that male orgasm from ejaculation raises levels of testosterone and also releases endorphins which can elevate your mood and help you to feel better about yourself.” So in case you needed more encouragement to get off more often, Samantha revealed her top tips to.

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Blue. Age: 30. I was born to make u happy May 27, - Tips and facts about male orgasm by sexologist and sex therapist. Aug 17, - The following article might be challenging to some of you, others might already know of this secret and some few are totally in love with it. I've tried this secret with my man & I can tell you this I was sweating all over my body. Not from exhaustion but from nervousness & excitement. It was the same for him. Oct 28, - You want to please your man in every way possible, but do you know how to make him orgasm harder and better than ever before? Even if you aren't having sexual intercourse, here's how to give him the hottest male orgasm.


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