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The international friends of Jo Weil, Thore Schölermann and Chrolli. · April 23, ·. "Interview with Jo Weil in MÄNNER Feb issue pages " (translation by My Wahr). DER JO-EFFEKT. In Verbotene Liebe, Jo Weil plays the bisexual Oliver Sabel who married his boyfriend Christian in September It's a. TGoDT- The Blog: Jo Weil In Front: 'It's All Pretend!' Addison. Age: 27. I am told i'm very sexy, hot & passionate and can deliver the goods when it counts but i'll let you be the judge of that! This was certainly true for the first forays into the inclusion of gay characters in a soap. Mar 12, - The actors who play Christian and Olli – Thore Schölermann and Jo Weil respectively – also did a bit of extra promo during the trip, squeezing in an While it will have pleased bisexual fans of Chrolli, many fans were annoyed that if their favourite couple was going to be disrupted by cheating it ought to. Rimma. Age: 28. Waiting for you You Should Know About… Verbotene Liebe’s ‘Chrolli’ Apr 1, - What happens if a cute guy feels comfortable on both sides of the aisle? (German expression for being bi.) Exactly: Girls and boys throw themselves at his feet on equal measures. However many fans mix up the real life Jo Weil with his role on Forbidden Love. There he plays the bisexual Oliver Sabel. Apr 3, - I'm sure you expected it: Is Jo Weil gay? And, by the way: Does Olli define as gay or bisexual, it seems that even the script isn't sure about that? I've played a lot of straight characters – and I've never been asked whether I'm straight in real life. That's how this question, which is asked almost always, makes it.

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Flower. Age: 23. I'll show I better than I can tell you you have never had nobody like me I'll show u a good time you well be back for a second round lol u won't know until you try it Mar 25, - Thore Schölermann as Christian Mann and Jo Weil as Oliver Sabel Christian were straight and only had girlfriends before and Olli are bisexual, but in the later years of Verbotene Liebe, he only swung the manly way. Anyway, Oliver fell in love with Christian, and Christian had to fight it a lot until he. Sep 10, - With you as Oliver and Thore Schoelermann as Christian Mann, VERBOTENE LIEBE even has a gay couple. Why? Jo: The title says it all with VERBOTENE LIEBE. It's about love in all its varieties. That includes gay and bisexual characters- we're both bisexual on the show. You don't have to be gay to play. Jan 4, - Chatting with Jo Weil, introducing Waterloo Road, bisexual love on Hollyoaks, our Soap Stud of the Week, Brothers & Sisters spoilers and more!


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