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Hymenorrhaphy or hymen reconstruction surgery is the temporary surgical restoration of the hymen. The term comes from the Greek words hymen meaning "membrane", and raphḗ meaning "suture". It is also known as hymenoplasty, although strictly this term would also include hymenotomy. Such procedures are not  ‎Varieties of the operation · ‎Availability and legality. Hymenoplasty Delhi Virginity Hymen Repair Surgery India. Cathy. Age: 23. I 'm Lizza Proper care and maintenance are essential during this phase. The Egyptian Dating App Experience. There is no law against hymen reconstruction, but it carries such a stigma that no physician 20/20 contacted there would either admit it was being done or even talk about it. Nevertheless, Stubbs says he's received e-mails from doctors in Egypt and all around the world asking him to explain how to do the surgery. He is the. Elena. Age: 25. 100% guarantee!! Women Have Surgery to 'Restore' Virginity What is the hymen? The hymen is a mucous membrane. Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure that uses a flap of vaginal lining to reconstruct a broken hymen or, in some cases, creates one for a woman who was born without. The procedure is typically performed in order to cause bleeding during post-nuptial intercourse, which in some cultures is considered proof of virginity.

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Skyla. Age: 30. Thanks for taking the time to meet me Get Best Cost of Re Virginity Surgery/ Hymenoplasty Surgery in Delhi by an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Best results & all information will remain strictly confidential. Aug 15, - For years, the German cosmetic surgeon has been taking on patients who require hymen reconstruction. They are usually young Muslim women—virginity is an important concept in Islam, and the Quran explicitly prohibits extramarital sex in Surah Obviously, Walter says, such an operation isn't really. Natural looking & functioning Hymen through micro-surgical layered Hymenoplasty Surgery in New Delhi, Delhi, India by specialist in Hymen Plastic Surgeon, Reconstruction Hymenoplasty, Hymen Repair, Virginity Repair or Virginity Restoration Surgery, Affordable Best Hymenoplasty cost in India, Delhi, New Delhi.


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