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Feb 14, - for the last 6 months, when having sexual intercourse my vagina gets so hot that i can feel the heat and so can my partner. i've been to the doctor and everything was clean Judging from my personal history, it's not an abnormal condition, so unless it's accompanied by a rash or pain, you shouldn't worry. "Is It Totally Normal If My Vagina Is Always Wet Or Should I Be Worried?" Debbie. Age: 23. hi, i am desdemona, a hot brunete from bucharest/romania -i would love you to contact me by phone directly - i check emails hardly - The same thing is true of drinking a hot cup of tea. The infection would be bacterial or fungal, or it may be secondary to a systemic infection. DH and I were baby dancing and he stopped and said " your vagina is HOT, like pregnant hot" then I noticed that it is extremely hot. He then said "maybe this is our month"!! I'm not sure what dpo I am but I'm cd Anyone else have a hot feeling vagina during conception? Good luck everyone!! I hope to see. Ashley. Age: 22. tina What Could Cause My Wife To Have A High Vaginal Temperature? The reason he has an erection is because of the excess blood being pumped into his penis and that too could cause his penis to feel hot. At the same time blood is also being pumped around the vaginal area, so all in all a lot of heat is generated during sexual intercourse. What is happening to both of you is completely. Oct 18, - Vaginal temperature like rectal temperature would be higher than the oral temperature and would measure about degree F. I would assume Temperatures in the vagina go down during sexual arousal and upon reaching orgasm. This felt very hot when I would be at the end of my intake stroke.

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Eleanor. Age: 29. Misslisalang May 2, - With a vagina that is too hot what do you do? I promise you that you will have answers to your too hot for sex body. I am going to introduce you to The Science Of Life, that has been on the planet for thousands of years. I ask you to keep your mind open. There are infinite possibilities out there for patrouilles.infog: abnormally. Jul 14, - Worried that your vagina is always wet? There are four possible reasons why you're a bit moist (sorry!) down yonder. Consult our checklist here. Aug 29, - who the heck told you your vagina was warm? Is this a new chat up line or something?! Bookmark. Add message | Report. KerryMumbles Sat Aug Message withdrawn at poster's request. Bookmark. Add message | Report. WorzselMummage Sat Aug A whole new meaningĀ  Missing: abnormally.


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